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YouTube, a Google company, is a video sharing platform where users can upload, view and share original content. The popular service had grown rapidly (over 1 billion unique users worldwide per month, according to Reuters), and design elements had been created as needed by separate teams with no centralized guiding philosophy. YouTube needed a uniform set of elements and systematic usage across the brand.


Ethera was brought in to create cross-platform consistency of the visual elements that could not only be used over Android, iPhone, web and TV, but could also be given to external marketing partners. Working closely with a subset of the internal team to determine the key characteristics of the brand, Ethera created brand guidelines with an agreed upon set of assets to be included. Fifty new icons were designed and incorporated into the guide as a start to a universal icon set. In addition to the guideline work, Ethera designed a responsive, marketing email template. 

*Ethera partnered with Egghaus to work with YouTube.

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