Embody your brand in every digital moment

Every scroll, every swipe. Every tap and every click. The look and feel of every surface, real and digital—its structure, its texture, its beauty—needs to embody your brand’s essence. That’s why we make every moment of your user’s journey—whether it's digital or IRL— distinct through meticulous interface and experience design.

We future-fit tech for future forward brands

From AI efficiencies to Gen-Z platforms, use what’s new to grow your reach, clientele and partnerships. Implementing innovations in mixed reality, machine learning, voice technology, virtual commerce, and more can help you launch a standalone app, revive legacy technology or create a new way to engage customers and convert new ones. Ethera specializes in future-fitting tech for future-forward brands.

Industry Research
Competitive Research
Brainstorming Sessions
Defining Target Audience
Finding Product-Market Fit
Developing Brand Pillars
Ideating a Brand Story
Positioning Your Brand
Brand identity creation
Visual Systems
Brand Guidelines
Message Maps
Tone of Voice Guides
Naming Systems
Concept campaign
Content creation
Experience design
Information design
Web everything
Mobile this
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Environmental design

Our clients inspire us to go beyond

Our clients help people aspire to do and be more than they can imagine.
We create unmatched brands and experiences that help them transcend convention.