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What we did

Brand narrative
Brand character
Symbol redraw
Brandmark lockups
Color, typography
Website design
Photoshoot production
Book design
Business cards
Promo card design


Kiss of Rope is the company brand of Kanso, a rope bondage artist, performer and teacher. He teaches classes and rope experiences for couples that increase connection and help them reach deeper levels of intimacy and trust. He is well known in the bondage and rope community, but wanted to expand beyond this niche. Kiss Of Rope engaged Ethera to create a revised brand strategy and visual identity to appeal to a broader, more varied audience.


Ethera created a new brand narrative which was more inclusive and approachable to a wider demographic outside. Ethera created the look and feel of the brand and carried it over to several touch points from the website, print books and materials for his classes.

*Collaborated with photographer Evelyn Henriquez for the majority of original photography.

Brand logo before
Brand logo after
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Brand narrative
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Brand Logo
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 Resposive design
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